Hip, hip soirée
at Stadthöfe.

Moin moin, madame. Bonjour, monsieur.

We offer twelve entertaining exer­cises so that, even as an arm­chair traveller, you will be au fait with the epicurean éti­quet­te of the Stadt­höfe quarter – the new hot­spot be­tween the Stadt­haus­brücke street and the streets Grosse Bleichen and Neuer Wall.

Etude No. 1

Etude No1

with the new.

Who doesn’t love the je ne sais quoi of something new? Time to jog your senses awake and add a whole new bouquet garni of spice to your life. So be sure to stop by this site as often as you can to discover a brand-new quarter in Hamburg.


Etude No. 2

Etude No2

Bonjour, bonhomie.

It was not really our idea of a charm offensive for Napoleon to occupy Hamburg and declare it part of la Grande Nation. But the period of French rule from 1806 to 1814 turned the Stadthöfe quarter into a petit Paris and explains why we’re speak­ing English with a pronounced French accent here.


Etude No. 3

Etude No3

Go in search of
lost time.

No need to rush. Regard tout de suite as doing things in your own sweet time. That way, you’ll see there’s every reason to linger – especially at Stadthöfe.


Etude No. 4

Etude No4

does it.

Dress to celebrate the beauty of life. No weekday is too ordinary for a petite robe noire. Wear a hat – with a feather in it. Wear bells. Wear your heart on your sleeve. Turn your­self into a walking billet doux to someone special, to every­one, to yourself, to Stadthöfe.



Etude No. 5

Etude No5

How to ne
regrette rien.

We invite you to indulge yourself. All those ‘must dos’ cast life in a very musty light. Enjoy the delights of the here and now. Sur­render to the delectable and the decadent – it’s the truest form of amour-propre. Seize the day, and a canapé.



Etude No. 6

Etude No6

Roaming wasn’t
built in a day.

People who always maintain a firm fix on their goals are not to be en­vied. After all, what could be more enjoyable than getting thoroughly lost? The flaneur’s day has come – and the flaneuse’s!


Etude No. 7

Etude No7

Stop and savour
the coffee.

Coffee to go? We say non! Eating and drinking on the move is a ter­rible mis­take. Worse: it’s a faux pas!


Etude No. 8

Etude No8

Be generous.

Cheap is never stylish. So we should practise generosity at all times, if only for vanity’s sake. Think twice before leaving a meagre tip or giving a lady a small bouquet when you can opt for a larger one.


Etude No. 9

Etude No9

Be gallant.

Bonjour, mon cher. Merci, madame. Après vous! Sounds like a wonder­ful way to go through the day, doesn’t it? When people treat each other well, everyone wins. So there’s no question that éti­quette at Stadthöfe dictates wearing a smile and a jaunty air.


Etude No. 10

Etude No10

Do one thing
at a time.

When you complete one task before going on to the next rather than every­thing all at once vite-vite, your nerves will be much the better for it. Multi­tasking? How passé.


Etude No. 11

Etude No11

Act on a caprice.

That’s easier said than done, but it’s ef­fective. Avoid the mun­dane: it causes fatigue and even melancholy. Es­cap­ades ener­gise you and lift your spirits. Break unwritten rules – within the limits of the law, of course – and leave well­trodden paths. If you don’t, you’ll miss out on unknown pleasures.


Etude No. 12

Etude No12

Practice makes perfect.

Flaneurs and bons vivants are not born; they’re made. It may take a while before Prussian meti­cu­lous­ness and Protestant assiduity meld with French savoir-vivre. But you still have a little while to prac­tise before Stadthöfe’s official open­ing. Put your­self on a daily training regimen – and enjoy every minute of it! It won’t be long before you’re ready for your homage to life.